Monday, January 4, 2010

christmas dinner

every year my family has a christmas dinner tradition - we pull a cooking assignment out of a hat and then you have to make something for christmas dinner! example, this year i pulled "side dish." my brother got "appetizer" and dad got "potato." mom is always in charge of cooking the roast and the yorkshire pudding, so the rest of us have to make everything else.

i was set on making mac and cheese for my side dish, but realized no one really had the responsibility of bringing a vegetable to the table. so i sighed, then looked up vegetable recipes. i found an interesting recipe for broccoli pudding. ok i know, that sounds kind of gross, but if you've ever had corn pudding, then you would not cringe at the name. it's yummy, trust me.

recipe can be found HERE.

my brother made bacon wrapped water chestnuts for his appetizer, but i didn't take any pictures. people ate them up too fast.

dad made twice baked mashed potatoes. they were really good, but took forever to reheat. everything else was ready except for those potatoes. we ended up sticking them in the microwave. they were really delicious, though. his recipe is from but there a million recipes and i have no idea which one he used.

and the beautiful roast and yorkshire pudding courtesy of mom.


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