Monday, December 15, 2008

shojin in little tokyo

for scott's birthday dinner we ate at shojin in little tokyo. it was delicious.

the restaurant was inside the mall at little tokyo in downtown los angeles. the mall is full of japanese markets, shops, restaurants, and there's an arcade, too. it's pretty romantic compared to all the other 'wax food' places surrounding it.

we each started out with some tea. i got a sencha tea, and scott had something like kukicha? i think that's what it was called..

we also got the appetizer sampler which included seitan meatballs, pumpkin croquettes, and barbequed tempeh. i was too excited so i forgot to take a picture, but you can trust me when i say it was yummy.

the menu was page and pages of amazing looking food. i was torn between the bbq seitan with broccoli, or the soba noodles with tempura vegetables. i decided that seitan with broccoli was not exciting enough, so i went for the soup. it was so good.

scott got the bento box. it included a salad, vegetable, bbq seitan, and cristy katsu seitan. the bbq seitan was amazing.

after dinner scott mentioned to our waiter that it was his birthday, so the waiter excused himself and came back with some birthday ice cream, including his name spelled out in strawberry/raspberry jam (we couldn't decide which flavor).

then on our way out the waiter gave scott a cd of the music they were playing in the restaurant, which is some fun lounge-y music i enjoy bopping to. i can't wait to go back and try something new!

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