Sunday, October 18, 2009

vegan apple coffee cake

i bought a big bag of apples from the store, and the first one i bit into was mealy. i HATE mealy apples. i did some research online and found out that cooking the apples will sort of disregard the mealiness. so i sliced up the apples and cooked them down with some brown sugar, cinnamon and butter. THEN i thought about adding this apple mixture to a coffee cake.

i made this coffee cake as a combination of like, four other recipes, so i can't link you to one recipe (sorry). but that should be all the more motivation for you to make up recipes on your own! i wasn't 100% pleased with my results - it was really delicious, but i was missing the light, fluffy texture that usually comes with coffee cake. since i did a vegan version, i'm sure i lost something along the way that would have helped it rise. but it's ok, better luck next time.

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