Sunday, October 18, 2009

yummy cupcake class

i work in burbank, so naturally my resident cupcake shop is Yummy Cupcakes. i've been eating their cupcakes for a few years now, so i feel pretty loyal to their cupcakey goodness. they recently started conducting cupcakes classes, so i jumped at the chance to get into their kitchen and learn how they make their cupcakes so tasty.

they of course couldn't tell us all their secrets. all the cupcake ingredients were measured out for us, so we couldn't know how much of what went into it. but i did learn some good baking tips and decorating ideas, plus i got to take home a dozen cupcakes and i got a gift card for another half dozen on my next visit. umm, best deal ever!

we made summer lemon cupcakes and a basic vanilla bean cupcake. i didn't get a chance to take pictures until i brought them home, and they slid around in the box a little bit during the ride. unfortunate for the pictures, but a-okay for my taste buds.

stop by Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank or Santa Monica for some tasty and fun treats!

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