Sunday, January 31, 2010

vegan bake sale

today i donated some vegan goodies to the vegan bake sale that was raising money for haiti disaster relief. it was a really good cause and there was so much food! thanks to everyone's baking and volunteer work, they raised over $2,000 for doctors without borders. which is really really awesome.

i decided to do something different for the bake sale, something i hadn't done before. i've always wanted to try to make vegan cannoli, so i saw this as a good opportunity. but just to be safe i also planned on the always tasty fluffernutter cupcakes.

so i ordered some cannoli forms online, and found a basic recipe for vegan cannoli. it was pretty easy to make these, just super time consuming. first i made the cream and let it chill for a day so it could really firm up. then i had to make the dough for the shell. once i rolled out the dough and wrapped it around the cannoli forms, i had to deep fry. now i don't have a deep fryer (it might be a good idea to get one if i plan on making these again) so i had to heat some oil in a deep pot. i highly suggest using a deep fryer. the mess i created on my stove top, the oil i have to dispose of, and the smell of hot oil for days in my house are all good reasons you should use a deep fryer (outside) for this. but i made it work. so if i can do it then so can you. a few dough rolled forms came un-rolled during frying, so i just ate them. i ended up with 18 cannoli shells, though, so i think it worked out. the next day i melted some chocolate and spread it inside all the shells, then stuck them in the fridge to harden. then i filled with the cream. a little dusting of powdered sugar before packaging, and voila! yummy vegan cannoli!

if you haven't already, do something to help those in haiti. donate money, clothing, food, anything you can. they need our help.


halfeaten said...

thanks for donating your time and vegan goodies for the bake sale!

kat said...

my pleasure! such a good cause!

Vegyogini said...

I can vouch for the deliciousness of the cannoli and I love the labels!